About Jinnie Joys

Children are truly a ‘Bundle of Joy’, we can never imagine a child without their innocent and beautiful smile which spreads joy and happiness around everyone. At Jinniejoys we aim at spreading the Joy in the life of little ones by providing products that create a safe and healthy home environment.

Children spend a great deal of time at home, and as parents we want it to be safe and secure for our children. A home is an inevitable part of the learning environment for the little ones and if it is designed, keeping in mind the children’s needs, they get a lot of opportunities to explore and become independent. Our products are specially curated to create and design spaces with the objective of making the home environment for children a joyful experience.

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, healthy, smiling, and independent. Jinniejoys is here to support you to create a happy home environment for your little ones. We are a one stop solution when it comes to designing child friendly spaces in home environments which encourage autonomy, movement, organisation, relaxation and creativity.